A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Prototype for a 2D game with a combat focus. Basically you fight knights and win when they are all downed. There's not much else to it right now. Controls are as follows:

Attack :: f

Dash :: <left_shift>

Jump :: <space>

Source is open and can be accessed at;


Game is made with LÖVE engine 0.10;


Enjoy, whoever might stumble upon this :^)

Linux Users

Unfortunately LÖVE is not distributable as a universal Linux build. So instead you will have to download the game in .love format and install the engine version 0.10.0. An installer can be downloaded from the engine's webpage. Afterwards the game is launched using the command;

love bloodknight.love

I will look into a better method of distribution at a later date.


bloodknight-win64.zip (3 MB)
bloodknight-win32.zip (2 MB)
bloodknight-macosx-x64.zip (3 MB)
bloodknight.love (313 kB)

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